Bordeaux Blvd.'s nails cool chic fashion with unique textures, statement colors
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Bordeaux Blvd.'s nails cool chic fashion with unique textures, statement colors

Reading Bordeaux Blvd. or the Instragram posts of its owner is a bit like discussing fashion with your cool best friend. You both have a killer wardrobe, statement pieces and the confidence to mix and match your looks. Your cool best friend just always pulls off the total effect with a bit more panache. Enter Katherine Clemins, the brains and fashion expertise behind the Bordeaux Blvd. blog and the self-named Instagram @katherine.clemins. Clemins lives in Milwaukee and works as a product development coordinator for a major retailer. Both her website and social media accounts chronicle Clemins' life and her cool, chic fashion choices. Bordeaux Blvd. launched in 2013. While Clemins' still updates the blog periodically, she shares stories on Instagram and social media regularly. To keep up-to-date, follow both. While you are on Insta, keep an eye out for wedding planning content and all the wedding fashion as Clemins announced her engagement in December 2018.

All the textures, please

If you are at your most adventurous when blending a silk button-down shirt with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, consider upping your game by taking a page out of Bordeaux Blvd.'s book. Clemins mixes and matches texture like no one else, and her Christmas 2018 look sleighed all day.

A multi-tone deep and light green pleated skirt would be the statement piece for the winter outfit of many, but it was only a building block for Clemins. The fashion-forward blogger paired the skirt with a deeply textured grey sweater, and a wool winter coat to keep it toasty on a staycation. 

Black patent sneakers offset the heavier fabrics while a statement silver necklace drew attention up to the face. The look nails how to stay high-fashion while dressing practically in the cold weather months.. 

Pick a print

Clemins loves a leopard print and is the first to admit it. However, she also appreciates mixing it up with fresh forays into new animalistic territory. An October 2018, Instagram post shows the blogger experiment with snake prints. 

A maxi skirt was a bold way to showcase a snake print pattern with a neutral leaning color palette. A sleek hoodie with white studs and a pair of black, cut-out heels partnered with the skirt for show-stopping street wear.

Commit to a statement color

Bordeaux Blvd. frequently pays homage to its name with splashes of Bordeaux, or burgundy, appearing on heels, jackets and sweaters. A July 2018 ensemble perfectly captured other favorites of Clemens, distressed denim, and clothes that beg to be worn over and over again.

A pair of raw hem denim coupled with a burgundy sweater transitions easily from cool summer nights to round-the-clock wear for fall. A pair of peep-toe neutral heels coordinate with a sleek shoulder bag perfect for repeat wear with a variety of outfits. 

All pieces in the look would easily mix and match with other colors and styles to create new looks. A moto jacket over a striped T-shirt paired with the torn jeans creates instant edge. The heels would partner with most formal wear while the sweater can serve as a winter layer with any outfit.

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