Bohemian Clothing Takes Flight with Hannah Rose
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Bohemian Clothing Takes Flight with Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is a 28-year-old fashionista who is a self described "Love of Bohemian cream clothes, organic beauty products and homemade goodies". While her Bohemian style outfits are definitely to die for, we're following this young beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer for more inspirational reasons.

Hannah Rose was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder over 13 years ago and has been living with it ever since. Then, three years ago she was diagnosed with an additional autoimmune disorder. Nevertheless, Hannah Rose lives life to the fullest and doesn't let her illnesses get in the way of her doing what she wants-- including developing great personal style! You can read her full story on her website and blog, By Hannah Rose

Bohemian trends and earthy colors are this fashionista's go-to clothing items, but she still likes mixing things up with occasional bold colors like red and deep green. Check out Hannah Rose's Instagram (@byhannahrose) for the full range of her looks (and inspirational stories!), but in the meantime, we've selected a couple of her looks for a preview here.

Pinstripe Blouse with Acid Wash Skinny Jeans and White Sneakers

We are totally in love with this pinstripe blouse. Its short flowy sleeves provide a sense of whimsy, and the acid wash skinny jeans are just plain cool. She finishes it off with a crisp pair of low top white sneakers. Hannah Rose looks like she's set for a day hanging out with family and friends, but she's also good to run quick errands if she needs to. We also see this look working well for school or casual-wear jobs.

You can create your own version of this look with a short sleeved striped blouse in the colors of your choice light wash skinny jeans (if acid wash isn't your thing). Add some jewelry if you want, but we recommend sticking with just a few simple bracelets or even an anklet.

Dark Green Velvet Dress with Light Hat and Black Booties

The deep green color of this dress makes it looks like it stepped right out of the forest, but the broad rimmed beige hat and black booties make this look appealing to both rural and urban settings. Velvet as a material has definitely been making a comeback lately, and this long velvet dress is a great example as to why. It's very stylish, but the length and small bell sleeves give it a tangible Bohemian vibe.  

Put your own twist on this look by playing around with the colors of the dress. It'll have a more daytime appeal with lighter tones, while deeper colors will help it translate to evening as well. Hannah Rose does not have a bag with this outfit here, but if you are going out and about, we recommend pairing a crossbody bag with this look. Wedged sandals would also pair well here.

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