'Blonde Meets City' is Polished Meets Casual
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'Blonde Meets City' is Polished Meets Casual

Maria Albini always wanted to start her own fashion blog. However, it wasn't until she started working at a public relations firm that she finally got herself to take the plunge. And after getting to know her style and beauty blog, Blonde Meets City, we're sure glad she did!

The Boston-based Albini has worked with tons of top brands, and she has the polished street wear wardrobe to show for it. Her outfits are a stunning array of bright colors mixed with flowing fabrics and the kind of worldly influences that can often only be found in a big city. Take a look at Albini's Instagram, @blondemeetscity, for the full array of her envy-worthy style. In the meantime, we've gone ahead and pulled some of our favorite Blonde Meets City looks to give you a preview!

Tiered and Tassled Dress with Round Handbag and Beige Ankle-strap Shoes

This dress looks like it's moving, even though we know it's just a photo. The fringed tassles on each layer of this tiered halter-top dress would look great even if this dress were all one color. However, the fact that it has blue and orange detailing running across each line takes it from great to show-stopping! 

Because the dress is such a stunner on its own, Albini did right by it and accessorized the look fairly simple. The round, brown bag hanging off her shoulder would pair well with just about any outfit, and the simple beige ankle-strap sandals complement and support the dress nicely. 

If you're looking to adapt this look for yourself, keep these factors in mind. Also, a dress style like this would pair well with a wide variety of hairstyles. Go for that updo if you want!

Oversized Blazer with Oversized Sunglasses and Oversized Shirt

Go big, or go home! Normally we see looks that pair one oversized item with a more form-fitting ensemble, but this look is all about being oversized. And guess what? It really works. Both the oversized beige blazer and large white button-down shirt give off funky-cool professional vibes, and the oversized sunglasses really seal the deal. 

Note that Albini still stuck with form-fitting pants so the whole look wouldn't swallow her. You can always play around with the colors of this look, but we will go ahead and say that the blue of those denim jeans really pops against the beige jacket and white top! 

Now, you won't actually be able to walk in a pair of coordinating oversized shoes, so why not go with a style that gives off similar vibes to the shirt and blazer? We see a pair of loafers or clogs working well here for footwear.

High-Rise Drawstring Pants with Simple White Tee

Sometimes the coolest looks also happen to be the most simple. Albini looks super chill and laid back in this pair of high-waisted drawstring trousers with a wide leg. The light blue color is stunning while relaxed, and the crisp, simple white tee on top makes the blue pop even more. 

These are the types of pieces that would normally be supporting characters in other outfits, but put together they look both fashion forward and effortlessly cool. Albini finishes the look off with a pair of flat sandals and a classic pair of aviator sunglasses

She doesn't accessorize beyond that, but if you're adapting this look for yourself, you could get away with a bracelet or two. Don't be afraid to switch around the colors or choose a different style of sunglasses––check out the top sunglasses brands for inspiration!

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