Blog de Lucinda’s Rossat has a warm, romantic style You’ll Love
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Blog de Lucinda’s Rossat has a warm, romantic style You’ll Love

Lucinda Rossat, author of the fashion web log Blog de Lucinda, loves to travel, make memories and enjoy the fine things in life. Her warm, approachable vibe makes her a favorite among fashion voyeurs around the world. What’s more, Rossat’s shop-the-feed option connects fashionistas instantly with her fab finds.

Romantic, feminine and flirtatious, Rossat’s style features plenty of lace and floral prints. She relishes whimsical, flowing numbers that will make your heart melt. Bottom line: we absolutely adore Rossat, and you will too.

To get an idea of Rossat’s fashion sense, visit her IG and take a peek below at a few things we found:

Animal Print

Rossat dared to be bold in this impactful animal print blouse featuring a plunging neckline. She paired the wild find with a solid, high-waisted, flared short in burnt sienna. Gold and silver accessories add the finishing touch for a look that’s anything but ordinary.

To get this look at home, embrace your inner wild side. If you’ve been afraid to purchase bold animal prints before, now’s the time. By pairing bold prints with solid pieces, you can keep it tame and increase the impact of your print at the same time.

Flouncy Flirt

Perfect and flirty, Rossat shows us some love while wearing a silk short complete with a flouncy trim. The black halter features frills and a bow for a whimsical touch. To complete the look, she tops it off with a patterned headband and her signature gold accessories.

For this casually romantic look, choose pieces that have a few extra tendrils and frills. And, remember, accessories will always take your image to the next level. So, if you ever feel like something’s missing, reach for your jewelry box.

Urban Chic

For a blustery day on the town, Rossat keeps it hot with a pair of form-fitting latex pants topped off with a warm, cream-colored sweater and tweed jacket. For that extra touch, she chose a houndstooth Gatsby hat.

If you can’t wait to pair your sweaters with some sleek, latex trousers, we can’t blame you. It’s easy to create this look at home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

If you aspire to a whimsical, romantic style, follow Rossat’s web log, Blog de Lucinda, and catch up with her on IG.

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