BG by Christina is a Fashion Blog for Today’s Bohemian Style
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BG by Christina is a Fashion Blog for Today’s Bohemian Style

Long flowing dresses are what you’ll see most often when you visit the beauty and style blog, BG by Christina. Based in Columbus, Ohio, this influencer is a real modern-day Bohemian with her loose, lightly frilled dresses in an assortment of colors and floral prints.

When Christina does opt for tops and pants, they don’t stray far from her core look. Long, flowing shirts and sweaters are abundant, and don’t forget the occasional broad rimmed hat! Browse through her instagram (@bgbychristina), and you'll see that many of her outfits take on a light, ethereal look. Often shown outdoors, Bloom, displays a carefree love of life that's as flowy and airy as the fabrics she wears. 

Get to know her better through the looks we've gone ahead and sampled here!

Light Brown Maxi Skirt with Orange Button-Down Cami

Maxi skirts almost always pair well with cami tops, and it's worth noting that Bloom did things the right way here by tucking in her extra long top (leaving it out would risk weighing down the look). The skirt is beautiful and flowing, but it is also very plain. To add some dimension to this look, Bloom went with an orange button-down cami top instead of a plain one.

Bloom then finished the look with a simple gold necklace and a broad rimmed hat for extra summery vibes! We also think her long side braid works particularly well here. 

You can easily make this look your own by adjusting the colors of the skirt and top. You can also adjust the amount of detail on each clothing item, but just remember that the key to this look is simplicity. Keep the details balanced and simple overall. 

Long Sweater with Flared Jeans and Floral Top

We're getting some serious '60s hippy vibes with this fun street wear look! Jeans with a slight flare never seem to go out of style, and we really love the side button details. The jeans also work really well here when paired with the long cardigan sweater (another timeless item). She then went all in on the color with the pink floral top and pink crossbody handbag

Notice how Bloom also added a brown belt to coordinate with her light brown peeptoe heels. It's a subtle move, but it works well and makes the outfit feel like a more complete ensemble. 

Make this look your own by playing around with the colors (but we suggest taking a note from Bloom and keeping them coordinated!). You can even opt for a top with another eye-catching pattern that isn't floral if you really want to add your own voice to the outfit.

Short Ruffled Skirt with Balloon-Sleeve Top

We chose this look because it's different and unexpected. Sure, it's fairly simple overall and consists of just two main pieces. But take a close look at the details on both! Normally, people tend to pair long balloon-sleeve tops like this with fitted, simple pants or a plain skirt because they feel the top itself is stunning enough. And it would be, but Bloom created a surprisingly detailed yet relaxed look by pairing her top with a short, pink skirt with ruffle detailing and a floral print!

It's a bold choice that works really well, largely thanks to the fact that the colors of the top and skirt complement each other well. Notice how Bloom went with really simply beige loafers for this look, letting the top and skirt stand on their own.

You can adapt this look for yourself by going with other light colors for the clothing. You could even swap out the loafers for a pair of the trendiest sandal brands, but keep them simple to get the same feeling. 

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