Best Looks from Gucci to Inspire Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe
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Best Looks from Gucci to Inspire Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

The Gucci Spring 2019 collection was packed with a little bit of everything, from sparkly Old Holly wood looks to high-waisted, flared suits that looked like they walked straight out of the ‘70s. Although many of Gucci’s looks appeared as if they came straight from the past, Gucci has a way of making those past looks relevant for the present. 

If you’re working on building your Spring 2019 wardrobe, we’ve pulled out some of the best looks from Gucci to inspire you. 

Sparkly Old Hollywood Looks 

Gucci showed off some Old Hollywood looks that had not only plenty of sparkle but also bold, bright colors. While you may not want to pile on the Old Hollywood style as heavily as Gucci’s models, you can find a little inspiration in these looks. Spring pieces that feature sequins, heavy costume jewelry, bright feathered scarves, and bright wide-brim hats are all pieces that let you try this out yourself. 

Denim on Denim 

While we thought denim on denim looks were a thing of the past (remember Britney and Justin’s red carpet look?), Gucci is bringing the denim on denim trend back again. Gucci paired up a simple denim skirt with a denim jacket, adding color to the look with a red patterned shirt and a green bag. 

If you’re going to try the denim on denim trend, try breaking up the denim a bit as Gucci did with a contrasting shirt and accessories. 

Brilliant Yellow Shows Up Again 

Glamour has declared that yellow is the biggest color trend for spring 2019, and Gucci is apparently on board. A brilliant yellow ‘70s inspired dress was seen on the Gucci runway, and while this dress may not be a look you want to try yourself, take notes from the appearance of yellow in most of the top designers’ collections for spring. 

Grab a pretty spring dress in yellow, try wearing a butter yellow shirt, or add a pop of color to a neutral look with yellow shoes

Lavender Head to Toe 

If there’s one spring color that will look great head to toe – it’s lavender. Gucci showed off head to toe lavender on their Spring 2019 runway, and it looked great. Gucci showed off a lavender blazer and skirt with lavender tights, shoes, and handbag.  

You can try the look yourself with a lavender skirt suit, pantsuit, or combine lavender separates to put together your own spring outfit in pleasing purple.

Very Large Sunglasses 

Accessories are an important part of any outfit, and as we begin having more sunny days, you’ll want to add sunglasses to your spring looks. Many of Gucci’s models walked the runway wearing very large sunglasses that covered a large portion of their face, and it added a mysterious vibe to whatever they were wearing. While this might not be a style you want to wear all the time, you may want to grab a pair of excessively large sunglasses for days you want to add a little mystery to your outfit or those days when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. 

Mickey Mouse Head Bag 

Looking for a unique accessory that’s fun? Gucci has the perfect one – a Mickey Mouse head handbag. Several Gucci models carried the bag down the runway, and it’s such a fun way to accessorize nearly any outfit this spring. 

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