Audrey Conceicao: Classy Petite Style
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Audrey Conceicao: Classy Petite Style

As a petite woman, it can sometimes be challenging to make fashion trends work for you. When luxury brands design clothes with runway models in mind, they're often creating for tall women - making it challenging for smaller women to rock the trends in a way that's comfortable and flattering. On her blog, Five Foot Nothing Shopping, Audrey Conceicao shows off how she styles fashion trends for her petite frame. Her style is very classy and she names Audrey Hepburn as one of her inspirations, but she also frequently adds pops of bright color to her looks to make them a little bolder and more interesting.

Audrey works as an IT professional during the day, so her blog is a great source of inspiration if you are looking for outfits that are both office appropriate and stylish. She has lived in four different countries and three continents over the course of her lifetime. She currently lives in Chicago, but she is from Goa, a region on the southwestern coast of India. Audrey's looks are very practical for her on-the-go lifestyle, and many of her looks are very affordable as well, so it's easy for you to recreate them on your own. Audrey recently became the mom of an adorable baby girl, and she often shares their sweet moments together on her blog and Instagram. You'll also find beauty content, travel guides, recipes, and lots of other helpful reads on her site. Here are some of our favorite looks from her Instagram.

This is the perfect mom-off-duty look - it's comfy enough for running errands, but also stylish enough to wear out on a lunch date, like Audrey did here. Her draped motorcycle jacket is an excellent combination of edgy and sophisticated, and adds a little bit of warmth for a spring day. The combination of pastel pink earrings and a pink crossbody bag with a light green sweater is totally spring appropriate and perfectly flatters Audrey's olive skin tone. Distressed skinny jeans and white sneakers are a comfy and stylish way to finish off the look.

This chic outfit would be perfect for a girls' night out. The striped T-shirt dress is a style essential that everyone could rock, regardless of your body type or style preferences, because it's flattering, classy, and comfortable. Audrey adds even more sophistication with her long ombre scarf and brown booties, and her quilted crossbody bag is practical and matches the whole look perfectly. Brown and navy are an ideal color combination, particularly for fall. Her rose gold watch is another fun, on-trend accessory that could work with many different outfits.

This elegant outfit would work well for both a night out with friends or a work event. The teal tunic dress is elegant and unique - it cinches in your waist for an hourglass look, but the flowy cut ensures that you can eat as much as you want without being uncomfortable. Audrey's statement necklace adds even more glamor and completely brightens up her face. The knee high boots are a great way to elongate your legs without wearing heels, and they're perfect for fall and winter weather. 

While Audrey's outfits are particularly flattering for petite women, what makes them so great is that they are totally versatile and could work on people of many different body types. Be sure to give her blog and Instagram a follow for even more chic outfits and adorable family updates.

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