Andrea Johnson is an it-girl with secrets to share
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Andrea Johnson is an it-girl with secrets to share

What is it? There’s an indefinable x-factor, an abstract sort of magnetism that separates the mere mortals from the “it girls.” Perhaps it’s beauty? But with the advances of science and cosmetics, beauty is no longer only natural. Fashion sense? Every magazine, website and Instagram feed has thousands of outfits which can be copied. No, the common character trait between it-girls is that they believe in themselves. Sure, they sometimes wake up feeling less than adorable but overall, these girls are secure in their knowledge that they deserve to feel good. Can people pretend? Sure! But the social pressures taken upon themselves soon obviates the need for pretending; the cracks begin to show. Girls who are confident in their appearance don’t need to be catty, rude or mean. They’re okay with sharing tips and secrets because they understand it doesn’t take anything away from them. Andrea Johnson knows she’s pretty and wants other girls to know they’re pretty, too.

Originally from Venezuela, Andrea Johnson currently calls Orlando, Florida home. She shares her life with her husband, Brenden, and their golden retriever, Charlie. “Brenden and I are both brand ambassadors for the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Network, we travel the world doing interviews, social media and exploring! Which leads me to why I wanted to start this lifestyle blog.” Andrea goes on to say that because of her life constantly being filmed, she can’t afford not to look good at all times. Because of that, Andrea has picked up knowledge in the travel, beauty and fashion arenas and she is more than eager to share it via her blog and instagram. We’re more than eager to listen!

You’re My Favorite Deputy

No matter what you’re wearing, you’re making a statement. Sweatpants and a tank top that may or may not have been washed? You’re feeling lazy. A ballgown skirt with Manolo Blahniks? You’re feeling like Carrie Bradshaw. Statements are being made all the time, hence the return of the statement tee. It’s a fun way to add an interesting element to your outfit and Andrea Johnson decided to add the fun element of childhood without being juvenile. She wore a white t-shirt with an image of Woody from Toy Story looking decidedly dapper. A short leopard skirt with button front closure and a ¾ length leather jacket with amazing detailing brought up the edginess of the outfit. Andrea topped it off with a black leather bag with gold hardware and the very happiest of birthdays.

Pretty in Pearls

When you’re dressing up and thinking about revealing a little more than you normally would, it’s easy to cross the line from elegance to uncouth. It’s not really about the length of the hemline or plunge of the neckline, it’s the whole outfit and the aura of the person wearing it. Andrea wore a deep v neck top and even showed some cleavage but stayed on the right side of fashion. A blue velvet plunge neck bodysuit with pearl embellishments and tiered sleeves was the perfect combination of classy and current. A muted gold short skirt added some edginess to the outfit and a white crossbody bag with gold hardware finished it. Pretty, powerful and perfect.

Day Off

For Andrea, days off don’t happen. Even when she has a day off, Andrea keeps her style looking perfect and her makeup flawless. That’s how a simple photo near a tree can turn from typical to insta-worthy. Andrea wore a cozy white turtleneck and layered it with a classic black leather motorcycle style jacket. Ripped black jeans brought an added dimension while her white sneakers and their green embellishments kept the outfit comfortable and approachable. Gold jewelry classed it up and (as per usual) Andrea’s hair and makeup were on point, keeping up with the casual theme. The outfit personifies Andrea-classy, cute and cool.

We all know those girls that try to hard. And we all know when they are. Fashion, style, beauty and confidence should never feel forced because the mystery gets lost. Andrea Johnson doesn’t pretend she “woke up like this.” But from looking through her photos, you would never know!

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