Anchyi Adorned Brings the Runways to the Street
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Anchyi Adorned Brings the Runways to the Street

Take a look at Anchyi Wei's style and beauty blog, and you'll swear for a moment that you clicked on the website for a high end fashion house. Anchyi Adorned is filled with magazine-worthy photos of beautiful, often elaborate street wear looks. Based in Washington, D.C., Wei's presence in the fashion world started years ago in 2012. Her coworkers at the time began taking photos of her unique work outfits and posting them to social media and a tumblr page called "Anchyi at Work". Eventually, other D.C. fashion bloggers took notice and encourage Wei to start her own blog, and thus Anchyi Adorned was born!

Today, this blog is filled with detailed posts that not only describe all of the items used in Wei's jaw-dropping, outfits but also delve into the inspiration behind them. Here you’ll see everything from simple black shirts and straw hats to colorful billowing fabrics and striking statement jewelry. If you're looking for some serious visual tips on how you can shake up your everyday looks, Anchyi Wei is the fashionista you've been waiting for. We'll be honest-- it was pretty hard to choose which of Wei's outfits we like best. Nevertheless, we've gone ahead and pulled a couple of her outfits here for your perusal, but check out her website and instagram page (@anchyi) for more amazing looks!

Pleated Midi Skirt with Designer Tank and Chunky Sneakers

Wei says she is "channeling Carrie Bradshaw" with this look, and we have to say we agree! That beautiful ruffled midi skirt is definitely reminding us of Bradshaw's famous ballet skirt, though we think the animal print was a great choice to pair with that black designer logo tank top. Carrie Bradshaw may not have worn those chunky white sneakers, but we love how they give this outfit and extra casual, easygoing vibe. She finishes this look off with sunglasses and am embellished headband

You can shake things up with this look and make it your own by playing around with both the skirt and tank top colors. We also feel a wide variety of hairstyles would go well here, including a high bun or a half-up half-down 'do. If you want to dress this look up for work or less casual events, swap out the sneakers for a pair of nice flats or heels.

Dress and Shirt Combo with Peep-toe Heels and Accessories

Obviously Wei looks stunning here, but we fell even more in love with this outfit once we learned that it's more layered than it appears. Though it may seem like all one dress, Wei actually put a print long sleeve turtleneck shirt underneath a sleeveless asymmetric ruffle dress. Notice how she wears beige peep-toe heels to let the colors and patterns of the other pieces really stand out. Wei then accessorizes this outfit with an amazing pair of pearl-rimmed glasses, large statement earrings and a designer handbag

The key thing to take away from this outfit is that you shouldn't be afraid to pair up unexpected pieces, including ones that have very different patterns and prints. Wearing simple-colored shoes will help prevent the look from appearing too busy. Notice too how Wei kept her hair tied back in a simple low bun for this look, which also prevents the outfit from being overwhelmed with detail (and it helps her glasses and earrings to stand out).

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