An Eye for Aesthetics, Carlis Sanchez is Spicy Candy DC
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An Eye for Aesthetics, Carlis Sanchez is Spicy Candy DC

What makes someone a blogger? A trendsetter? What gives one girl the power to influence thousands while another struggles to pick an outfit? The x factor lies in their eye for aesthetics. Bloggers polish, beautify and curate. They have a vision and go after it at all costs. An outfit, a scene, a photo of food, they're planned and meticulously pored over to create a breathtaking image. That is the power. It's the creation of something beautiful and unique, the sharing of something people can relate to and be wowed by at the same time. Carlis Sanchez has an eye for aesthetics and has the followers to prove it.

Born in Bolivia, raised in North Virginia and now residing in Washington D.C., Carlis Sanchez (or Carla) began her blogging career upon her move to D.C. What started out as a space to collaborate with other D.C. bloggers, Spicy Candy D.C. grew from just a blog to a platform which includes instagram and other social media feeds. Spicy Candy D.C. evolved into a space where Carla shares her personal thoughts and ideas " from style picks and beauty must-haves to the people and places that inspire us each and every day. It is written from our personal and unique perspective highlighting only the content we truly love."

Our Favorite Looks:

Some days are for casual sophistocation. Some days you just want to wear something that's comfortable but has a quiet elegance about it - almost like a Park Avenue princess that is off duty. Those days you need a silky skirt. Supremely comfortable, super posh looking and surprisingly easy to accessorize, silky skirts are the new high-end jeans. Carla paired her bright green silky skirt with a chunky black knit sweater for that casual elegant vibe. Completing the look was a pair of black slippers with a gold chain detail and a long gold necklace. It's the kind of look where you expect the woman wearing it to smell like expensive perfume but there's a life hack - you could get the outfit for so cheap it's ridiculous!

While some days may be for casual sophistocation, others are for full on sophistocation. Whether you're going to a high brow event or are just strolling around the city and feeling a little royal, Carla's outfit is definitely one that should be in your arsenal. It's modern and cosmopolitan with just the right amount of glamorous awesomeness. The pièce de résistance was Carla's red silk high waisted, wide leg pants. A simple black cami was tucked into the fabulous pants and a black floor length duster added the perfect amount of drama and femininity. Carla always finds the best sandal brands, and these black block heeled sandals were the perfect understated shoe to go with the statement pieces. Bringing in another pop of color was Carla's bag, a white number with black trim and gold hardware. If you don't want to put this on right now and take a confident strut around town, well then, why not?!

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