Alyson Seligman is The Girl Next Door with a Little Bit of Change the World
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Alyson Seligman is The Girl Next Door with a Little Bit of Change the World

Nothing inspirational, awesome or immensely beautiful happens without a story behind it. Without an unusual event, without something to reflect on, things remain unchanged and revolutions remain unrealized. While most of us wouldn’t willingly put ourselves in harms way, through difficulties and fighting challenging times, utilized the right way those tough days change us in incomparable ways. They open up new channels of emotion, allowing us to feel, create and just be in ways only impossible before. Challenges often lead to depression or despair, but when we work on our outlook, challenges lead to magical things. Alyson Seligman’s life has led her to magical things.

Alyson and her husband, Adam, live in Florida with their children Sarah and Evan. When her daughter was only four months old, and on her own 30th birthday, Alyson was paralyzed from her chest down. With fierce fight, loads of grit and a joy that is infectious, Alyson battled her way to walking again. She has so much experience, wisdom and positivity that Alyson launched her blog and Instagram as a way to share her passions. It’s a space that feels like your best friend’s couch mixed with a tour of her closet. There is laughter, there are tears, there is joy and, of course, there is killer style. Alyson loves almond butter, the color hot pink, watching Younger, rooting for the Gators and has a dream of meeting Oprah for a lunch date. Alyson is girl next door with a little bit of change the world.

Our Favorite Looks:

Unless you live in Never Never Land, every day is a new weather adventure and therefore, every day is a new outfit adventure. Is it hot or cold? Both? Winter at 8 a.m., summer by 4 p.m.? In the warmer climates as well as the warmer months, shorts are a pretty safe bet. But when the temperature dips just below that sweet spot or the sun starts to set, you need a thin layer to keep you from freezing. Alyson's outfit is adorable and can be worn on the hottest of days or when there's a slight chill, just adjust the top as needed! Distressed jean shorts and white sneakers are the constants in the outfit. She wore a white cami top under a white long sleeve t-shirt with laser cut detail in the front. A cognac colored crossbody bag finished off the look that's casual and adorable with a hint of functional.

A girl can never have too many bags and shoes because they don't care how much you weigh or what the measurement of your waistline happens to be that day. They don't judge, bags and shoes just show up and look good. We all have that one outfit that doesn't judge either. It hits us in just the right places and hides everthing that needs to be hidden. When it's the fourth day in a row you're wearing it and you could use a change, try switching up the shoes and the bag. Alyson's outfit is one that we'd wear every day and we're loving the way she paired awesome shoes and a killer clutch with it. The best part? You can totally change them and it'll still look amazing. White jeans and a sky blue silk cami are all the outfit details. Alyson always finds the best sandal brands, and here she went for white floral sandals with a tie detail at the ankle and a gold oversized clutch gave the outfit an extra pop of personality.

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