Alanna Reece – Edgy, Empowering Fashion Highlighting Inner Beauty
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Alanna Reece – Edgy, Empowering Fashion Highlighting Inner Beauty

Inner beauty. It’s not something you hear about often in the fashion world – a world that’s more focused on the visual. Perhaps this is what makes Alanna Reece, model, actress, and entrepreneur, stand out. According to her website, the name ‘Alanna’ has a symbolic meaning – inner beauty. 

And it’s her mission statement to help girls and women across the world find their own inner beauty. Beyond her impact in the fashion world, she has the Alanna entertainment brand designed to help aspiring models, musicians, and actresses find success. According to Alanna, helping others through her company is her “divine purpose.”

Alanna’s Fashion Journey

Alanna got her start in modeling when she was just 16 years old, and she mentions that she experienced some of the hardships that come with finding success in the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industries. Through the years, she became a public figure and social media influencer, which gave her the clout she needed to begin her own company – Alanna LLC.

It was the clothing company Guess where she got her first big break – she got the chance to be part of a social media modeling competition held by the company. She continued collaborating with top swimwear and high fashion companies, making her mark in the fashion industry. Just a few of the companies she’s worked with include Wicked Weasel Bikinis and Poolside Collection.

After doing so much work with swimwear companies, Alanna recently took her experience to the next level by releasing her own debut swimwear line. Her new Alanna Collection focuses on highlighting the gorgeous lines of the female silhouette with flattering cuts while providing an edgy, empowering take on fashion that will allow women to feel sexy and sophisticated at the same time. 

And once again, she returns to her theme of inner beauty, designing swimwear that lets women enjoy exploring their inner beauty and allowing it to shine out through the fashion choices they make. 

Halloween Pool Party

Of course, as a swimwear model and now, designer, it’s no surprise to see her rocking some swimsuits on her Instagram. We love this photo (above) of Alanna and friends, all slaying black swimwear on Halloween. Of course one of the toughest doors in Vegas was no problem for these ladies...

Edgy Shopping Style

Simply take a look at Alanna’s Instagram account, and you’ll quickly see her own edgy sense of style on display. We love her laid back shopping style  she recently posted, featuring a pair of black skinnies and a red leather jacket that gave a simple outfit some rocker edge. With black flats and a Luis Vuitton shoulder bag, it’s a look anyone can aspire to for a day of shopping. 

Rooftop LBD

Alanna also gives some great inspiration on how to take your favorite little black dress to the next level – add a pair of black, over-the-knee boots. She keeps her accessories minimal but adds to her look by highlighting her eyes with a bit of eye makeup. You can just see her inner beauty shining out.  

Staying on Purpose

Yes, she’s connected in the fashion and entertainment industry, particularly in New York. She’s enjoyed success as a model, she’s a lifestyle influencer in the fashion world, and she’s breaking into the fashion industry as a designer, as well. 

But even more importantly, Alanna Reece offers something you don’t often see in the fashion world – an emphasis on inner beauty. She stays on purpose - inspiring women in New York and around the world to be confident and celebrate every gift they have to offer. Let's all celebrate Alanna's mission, her purpose, and her success! 

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