AikA's Love Closet: Bringing Style From Japan to Seattle
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AikA's Love Closet: Bringing Style From Japan to Seattle

Blogger AikA, the editor of the site AikA's Love Closet, states unapologetically that fashion is her life, and she uses clothing as a form of self-expression. This passion for clothing and creativity really comes through with her beautiful photographs and unique outfits. Her blog reads like a fashion magazine - every detail is perfectly designed. Her love of fashion is infectious - after reading her blog, you might find you want to dress up yourself. Although AikA is only 5 feet tall, her style is larger than life. If you're petite, reading AikA's blog will give you plenty of ideas for styling the latest trends.

AikA is originally from Japan, and her name means 'the sweet scent of affection' in Japanese. She moved to Seattle in 2008, and she continues to call the Pacific Northwest home. AikA's Japanese heritage continues to influence her style, which has an east meets west aesthetic. Her style is always evolving, and she loves trying new things - you will even notice that she likes to switch up her hair color frequently. She uses her bold hair colors as an accessory, complementing her chic outfits. Here are some of our favorite looks of AikA's.

This outfit combines several trend pieces in an effortless way that's slightly bohemian, but still pulled together. AikA always finds the hottest dress brands, and here, she rocks a leopard print dress and tones down the femininity with a brown tailored blazer and a graphic T underneath the dress. The layers are not only perfect for Seattle's cooler weather, but they also add lots of personality to the look. Pointy toed flats are an elegant alternative to heels, and AikA's handbag is very sophisticated as well. A wide-brimmed hat finishes off the look.

This low-key glam outfit may be subtle, but it will definitely turn heads. AikA's ripped jeans have an edge to them, and the loose, cuffed legs are slightly 80s inspired. Her metallic camisole adds the shine, and white boots make the look ultra mod. A printed silk scarf around the neck is the perfect finishing touch. The juxtaposition of the elegant scarf and the edgy ripped jeans is what makes the look so chic.

Leopard print has been getting a lot of hype lately, but here, AikA shows that zebra print can look just as cool. Her silk midi skirt has a long, flirty slit, making it the perfect piece to wear for a night out. Hot pink heels and a red handbag add pops of color without being too matchy-matchy. A long light pink trench coat is dramatic and sophisticated. 

Be sure to follow AikA on her blog and on Instagram for more fashion forward looks.

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