A La Gray: Soft, Romantic Beauty and Style
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A La Gray: Soft, Romantic Beauty and Style

When you first read fashion blog A La Gray, you'll be struck by how stunning each post is. Blogger Grayson adds a soft, warm glow to each of her photos, creating a dream-like atmosphere that draws you in. But beyond the beautiful photography and design, Grayson has amazing taste in fashion and beauty. Her relaxed yet feminine style is heavily influenced by beachy SoCal vibes, but with the occasional touches of girly southern charm mixed in. She was raised in Charleston, SC, and spent time in Los Angeles before moving back to Atlanta, and these experiences have influenced her personal style.

Grayson first became passionate about beauty when watching YouTube as a teenager. This later influenced her to study beauty and skincare, and she frequently shares her favorite beauty products and tips on her blog in addition to her outfits. Her product recommendations could help you find your new favorite makeup or skincare item, and she also shares cute, creative hairstyle ideas to help you switch things up. She is also a vegan and often shares tips for a healthy plant-based diet and lifestyle. She also enjoys traveling and shares photos and recommendations from her adventures on her blog. She focuses on empowering other women, by sharing how the things she loves have empowered her over the years.

This charming look could work year-round for a date night or girl's night out. While the long-sleeved lace top is demure and feminine, the short red skirt is on the sexier side. This creates a nice balance - it's flirty enough for a night out, but the sweetness of the lace top keeps things classy. Grayson pairs the outfit with boots to make it more appropriate for the outdoors, and to add a relaxed, bohemian element to the look.

This chic yet cozy look is perfect for a rainy day when you just want to stay warm. The teal and tan striped pants are the star of the show here - not only are they trendy, but the thin vertical strips are incredibly flattering. If you want to look taller and slimmer, vertical stripes are always a good option. The tan sweater is classy, but snuggly enough to keep you warm. Grayson finishes things off with chic, pointy-toed boots and a bohemian fringed bag in a matching shade.

With this look, Grayson takes classic pieces and pairs them together in an unexpected way to make them incredibly fashion forward. In particular, the combination of the androgynous oversized blazer with the girly bralette looks effortlessly cool. High waisted jeans keep things comfy and practical for a day out, and blacked heeled booties add a little bit of edginess to the look.

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