5 Hot Boots Trends You Need to Know
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5 Hot Boots Trends You Need to Know

Is there anything more addictive than a trendy boot that you just know will make everything you wear a little better? That’s never been more accurate than in 2019, when styles feel a bit more multifaceted and approachable. If you were never one to experiment with unexpected prints, for example, this may just be the year you defy convention. Here’s a sampling of five trends to keep on your radar this year—all runway-approved, naturally.

1. Snakeskin

You didn’t have to squint to notice that snakeskin was everywhere during New York Fashion Week. The beauty of this print is that it’s dramatic and edgy, but never feels forced or unnatural. You can’t fake the kind of attitude snakeskin serves, but it gives you a little leverage if you want to wear it as an updated neutral, too. Therein lies the charm of a pair of tan or black snakeskin boots, but you can just as easily slip into something more vivacious if you’re feeling outrageous. 

They’re perfect to rock with everything from your no-fuss wool coats to skinny jeans to flowing midi dresses. Use them to strike a contrast or to create balance.

2. Hiker

Outdoor enthusiasts will take note right away, but even those with who prefer to chill and binge “Game of Thrones” all weekend long may be enticed by the adventurous hiker boot. With the likes of Marc Jacobs and Moncler putting their own devastatingly chic twists on the style, there was no way it wasn’t going to somehow end up mingling alongside your pumps and ballet flats. In a show of defiance, this new interpretation makes it easier to wear the hiker in a multitude of ways. 

Try an earthy pair with cuffed jeans or slip into a feminine heeled version and pair it with leggings and a fit-and-flare dress.

3. Lace-Up

If you regularly feel like you were born in the wrong era and more tethered to the Elizabeth Bennets than the Kardashians of the world, welcome to your time. The lace-up boot—the style so revered throughout Victorian period pieces—is poised to make its mark in 2019. Modern versions feel occasionally edgy or theatrical, making them particularly suitable for your updated wardrobe. In keeping with their original interpretation, they look right at home with flowing midi dresses. Yet there’s no point sticking to tradition when the styles are anything but classic this season. 

Try a bow-adorned lace-up with denim leggings and a white top to give those shoes a chance to shine. Or slip into your best slip dress, throw on a cropped jacket, and let your leather, open-toe lace-ups steal the show.

4. Square-Toe

Yes, those are the same square-toes you proudly rocked throughout the 1990s. No, they aren’t worn in quite the same way today. Everybody is embracing these in their own way—peep the styles presented by UGG and Eckhaus Latta for inspo. 

Bring it up to date by wearing yours with classy casual and corporate pieces alike. They’re just right for balancing a pair of flowing, cropped pants and a plain white tee. An embellished pair sizzles when you add a short, flippy black dress and a pair of black tights. Available in hundreds of colors and varieties, the shoe offers an easy way to channel something old-school without appearing as though you’re headed to a decades costume party.

5. Embroidery

A mere peek at the Michael Kors spring/summer 2019 runway was proof enough that this is the year of embroidery. Effervescent boots take a bit of moxie to pull off, sure, but the trick is in styling them with authority. 

There’s no limit to creativity when designers put the stitch on the boot: you could soften an edgy biker, add whimsy to basic black, or make a statement in something that would make even Liberace envious. It’s the intricacy and artisanal quality of these statement boots that sets them apart.

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