Teen Boy’s Fashion: Top Tips for Wearing the Skater Street Style Trend
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Teen Boy’s Fashion: Top Tips for Wearing the Skater Street Style Trend

Skateboarding first started becoming popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and this was the time when skater style first got its start. However, in the ‘90s skateboarding transformed from a small niche sport to a sport that was adopted across the world. Suddenly skater culture and fashion took off and became one of the hottest fashion trends of the 1990s. All about comfort and practicality, the skater style is all about functional, loose clothing that was practical for the sport. It’s an aesthetic that is carefree and casual with a slight anti-establishment air to it. 

Lately teen and men’s styles have been flashing back to the ‘90s, and the skater street style trend is hot again. Ready to embrace skater style? We’ve put together the top tips you’ll need to rock the skater look for spring 2019.  

Tip #1 – Start with Bold Skater Shoes

One of the most important tips for nailing the skater style is making sure you get started with the right shoes. Although plenty of brands now offer some great skater shoes, Men’s Fashion Magazine recommends going with some of the authentic brands like Converse and Vans

Keep your look casual with a pair of old-school Vans low-tops or go retro with a pair of Converse high-tops.  

Tip #2 – Rock a Pair of Skate Shorts 

As the days grow warmer this spring, a pair of skate shorts is a perfect way to stay cool and rock the skater street trend. You’ll want to go with shorts that have a loose fit – a pair that comes down to your knees (think Pharrell Williams’ skater shorts). Cargo shorts that have pockets are perfect for a casual look, or if you want something that looks a bit more modern, go with chino shorts. Just be sure to go with wide, long shorts that help you keep that skater aesthetic. 

Tip #3 – Keep it Loose with a Graphic Skater T-Shirt

Once again, skater fashion (Justin Bieber is a fan) is all about keeping it loose, and a loose, graphic skater t-shirt is an essential part of this style. 

As you shop, look for oversized, loose designs that have a logo, slogan, or image to nail this look. Keep the style authentic by going with crew-neck cuts. Layer the t-shirt with an open overshirt or hoodie (more on that later). 

Tip #4 – Move Easy with Skate Trousers

According to The Idle Man, skate style trousers are popular right now, and not only do they keep with the skater look, but the slightly cropped style and wider leg also keep you cool on warmer days, too. Work pants and cargo pants both work well if you’re going for the skater style, but sweatpants are too loose and skinny jeans are far too tight. Make sure your skater trousers have a wide leg design or go with a straight leg pair and cuff them above the ankles to get the look. 

Tip #5 – Hoodies for Chilly Spring Mornings

For the chillier mornings that often come with spring, hoodies (like the one Pharrell Williams wore on the cover of GQ) will keep you warm, and they’re an essential skate staple. You can pair them up with nearly anything in your closet to add just a touch of the skater style to your outfit or go all out with the hoodie, skater pants, a skater t-shirt, and skater-style kicks. 

Tip #6 – Complete Your Look with Skater Accessories 

Last, don’t forget to complete your skater street style with the right accessories. While the style is a lot more about function than fashion, you still have a couple of great accessories to choose from. 

According to The Trend Spotter, a classic wallet chain is an iconic skater look – it was actually worn to keep wallets secure when doing 360s and ollies. 

If that’s not your style, try a logo cap, a backpack, a bum bag, or even a simple pair of tube socks to complete your look. 

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